We’re happy to announce that we can now share this with all of you! Last summer, National,  Geographic sent a crew to spend two days on our research vessel, R.V David Boyd. They wanted to do a story on the tragedy of the C.F. Curtis, Selden E. Marvin and Annie M. Peterson, which all sank in Lake Superior on November 18th, 1914. No one from the vessels survived the horrible storm that night, with 28 souls lost.

In 2021 we had already found the C.F. Curtis, but had another target to put our ROV down on. We agreed with Nat Geo that we’d wait for them to be there to positively ID this target live. With cameras rolling, we found what we didn’t expect. Watch the show to see our reaction!

Special thanks to the Nat Geo Crew and the GLSHS crew of Darryl Ertel, Dan Ertel, Sarah Wilde, Ric Mixter, Corey Adkins and Bruce Lynn for making this story possible…it’s a good one, you’ll enjoy it.