The GLSHS accomplished a lot in 2023 including winning an award, Best Documentary Short, at the ‘Great Lakes International Film Festival’ in Erie, Pennsylvania for their documentary The Great Storm of 1872.

It was November 27th, 1872, when a horrible storm overtook Lake Superior and sent 4 ships to the bottom. This documentary focuses on the schooner-barges Jupiter and Saturn and what happened to the 15 people on board those two vessels. “It’s sad story, but it was forgotten and needs to be told” says Content/Communications Director, Corey Adkins. “There’s even a surprise at the end that people will find interesting”.

The Great Storm of 1872 wasn’t the only documentary the GLSHS produced last year. “You’ll want to check out A.A. Parker: One Ship, Twice Lost” said Adkins “both these films have been screened in film festivals across the country”.

2024 will be a productive year in documentary making as we have 4 planned so far. Your support means the world to us and helps get these important historic stories produced.

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