It’s finally done…and it’s an awesome site to see! E.J. Mertaugh Boat Works in Hessel, MI has been working hard restoring our historic Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat, CG 36381, for years, and now it’s ready to go home. Before that though, you can see this breath-taking restoration at the Les Cheneaux Antique and Wooden Boat Show on Saturday August 12th, 2023. At the show, the GLSHS (Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society) will have folks there to show the boat and tell stories…and there’s a lot to tell. Did you know CG 36381 was part of a major motion picture? How did we find an MLB only 10 hull numbers off the original one at Whitefish Point, and how did it even make it across the Mackinac Bridge? Come down to our booth and let’s swap stories!

This will be the last year you’ll be able to see it at the Les Cheneaux Antique and Wooden Boat Show before it becomes a permanent exhibit at Whitefish Point.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

-Staff of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum