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  • Kantar uses photos and text to tell the true and tragic story of the disappearance of the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. Quick and simple to read, perfect for the young reader, yet interesting for the adult as well.
  • Messages in bottles were last ditch efforts calling for rescue or desperate goodbyes to loved ones. History has recorded thousands of bottles, but are they all real? Ric Mixter investigates and adds new information to famous and unknown messages on the ocean and the Great Lakes. Ric Mixter is an award-winning historian and lecturer, who has created over 100 video productions, two books and numerous magazine articles on shipwreck and lighthouses.
  • Out of the Blue Productions takes an in-depth look at the history of the Great Storm of 1913. In all of the Great Lakes, 12 ships were lost with all hands, while at least 58 others were stranded and damaged. This DVD includes underwater of footage of wrecks including the Regina, Price and Wexford.
  • There have been countless Gales since man first ventured onto the Great Lakes. These are the worst. Learn of Lake Superior’s most tragic storms in the early 1900’s, DVD extras include, interactive wreck sites, bonus history of whale back freighters and Dennis Hale’s survival story.
  • Ghosts of the Shipwreck Coast is richly illustrated with the virtuoso skill of world-class maritime artists. This soft cover book elaborates on the art and science behind the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society's ground-breaking, Michigan Department of Transportation  sponsored, underwater documentation of five of Lake Superior's most historic shipwreck sites:  Vienna, John M. Osborn, Samuel Mather, John B. Cowle and Comet.
  • Maritime historian and author, Fred Stonehouse, writes of the baffling mystery related to the sinking of the World War One French Naval minesweepers  Inkermann and Cerisoles.  A total of 78 French sailors and two Great Lakes pilots met their end when the vessels went down somewhere in Lake Superior during a southerly gale.
  • Some of the most famous Lake Superior shipwrecks are featured on this 60 minute DVD. Hosted by Ric Mixter, producer of “Final Run” and “Safe Ashore”.
  • Frank Mays tells the story of the terrifying night the Carl D. Bradley sank on Lake Michigan.  Only four men of a crew of 35 would make it to the life raft, but not all would survive the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley.  In addition to Frank’s story, this book contains firsthand accounts from Captain Harold Muth and the crew from the USCG Cutter Sundew. In the Carl D. Bradley DVD, Frank Mays tells his story of that horrific night with such grim odds. Other content such as history of the Carl D. Bradley, the Bradley’s final resting place and Captain Harold Muth telling how the USCG Cutter Sundew managed rescue efforts in such a storm of storms.
  • Lake Superior's Shipwreck Coast by Frederick Stonehouse
  • In 1914, the crew of a Lake Michigan lighthouse tender ship, The Hyacinth, rescued a Newfoundland-retriever mix puppy from the water and named him Sport.  In this hardcover, award-winning children's book, Sport recounts the documented escapades of the dog who became a recognizable mascot of the lake.  Sport's adventures teach readers about life on America's inland seas and share the story of how lighthouse tender ships helped keep the Great Lakes safe.  Dimensions of the book are: 11 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 1/2"
  • DVD Storm Warriors-Heroes of the Shipwreck Coast. Alone on a lonely shore, the men and women of the Shipwreck Coast were on constant watch from the late 1800s to the 1940s. Their deeds have been largely unheralded and many of their stories lost.
  • Here is Ric Mixter's newest book, Tattletale Sounds-The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations.  Join Ric and learn more about one of the most famous shipwrecks on the Great Lakes.  Ric writes about actual conversations, controversies and many unreleased photographs.
  • Join Ric Mixter as he plunges into the mystery of the most famous shipwreck on the Great Lakes.  See exclusive interviews, construction footage and the major expedition, visiting the wreck site.
  • Watch the famous video with today’s DVD technology. Many bonus feature additions accompany the  video including 50 still images of the Fitzgerald, the bell recovery, and Whitefish Point Interactive. Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Capt. Dudley J. Paquette was on the lake that night. He knows why the Edmund Fitzgerald couldn’t survive the harrowing storm.
  • 40th Anniversary Edition Story about the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Fredrick Stonehouse. Soft cover
  • "Went Missing" recounts the details of Great Lakes vessels which have been lost with all hands for unknown reasons. Lacking the sophisticated navigational and communications equipment of today, the late 1800's and early 1900's saw upwards of 3,000 ships hauling freight and passengers throughout the Great Lakes. Many ships departed one port but failed to arrive at their destination. This book examines the disappearance of 30 such ships and tries to piece together the sketchy information surrounding these disasters.
  • Wooden Ships and Deadly Seas is a book of true adventures and historical narratives. No names, information and recreations have been made or changed. Exciting, dramatic and terrifying are just a few adjectives that describes these short stories. Many adventures await you in Wooden Ships and Deadly Seas.


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