As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we remember those stalwart women that were Lighthouse Keepers on the Great Lakes.

The Whitefish Point Light-Station had Anna Carlson, whom served at that location from 1903-1931. Her husband, Robert Carlson, was the primary Keeper at the Point during that same period.

Unlike many instances where the wife of a Keeper might take over (with the blessing of the Lighthouse Service) a station upon the death of her husband, Anna Carlson was a Light Keeper concurrently

with her husband. She was even sent off to other stations, such as Granite Island in Lake Superior, as a relief Lighthouse Keeper. While at Whitefish Point, Anna raised her children and grandchildren, fed them all (including USLHS work crews and inspectors), maintained the on-site weather station, kept house in the Keeper’s Quarters-which was subject to inspections- and of course helped operate the station.